Colon And Rectal Doctor Near Peoria, AZ

The Center for Colorectal Disease of Arizona has compassionate and experienced colon and rectal doctors near Peoria, AZ. Our doctors are board-certified and use the latest minimally invasive and robotic surgeries in order to provide improved diagnosis and treatment of our patients, as well as help to minimize the amount of their recovery time.

Colon And Rectal Surgeon

The Center for Colorectal Disease of Arizona has an experienced colon and rectal surgeon who is experienced with the latest knowledge, techniques, and technologies in treating anal cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer, polyps, parastomal hernia, and more. One of the technologies our surgeons specialize in is robotic surgeries; these surgeries enable our surgeons to make more precise surgical procedures to limit the area of incision, increase the likelihood of removing all of the cancer, and allow the patient to recover faster.

Our rectal surgeon has much experience in working with patients who have been diagnosed with anal cancer, rectal cancer, and other forms of cancer that impact the rectum and anus. We know the best treatment regimen to remove the cancer and decrease the odds of it from returning in the future.

Colorectal cancer

Colorectal Doctors

Our colorectal doctors are experienced colorectal specialists who know how to perform colorectal surgery for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer in or near their small intestine, colon, perianal area, anus, or rectum. Our experienced doctors will perform carefully conducted surgery if needed to diagnose your condition; they will also conduct careful surgery when it is required to remove the cancer and lower the percentages of it reoccurring in the future.

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